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Avenues Planning Regulations


Always ask before you build or do alterations. Hull City Council will give you advIce. Write to Planning Services, Kingston House, Bond Street, Hull HU1 3ER with your proposals. They will let you know in writing if you need planning permission or not. Informal advice can be given by telephone (612345).

In the Avenues and Pearson Park Conservation Area specific planning permission (under an Article 4 Direction of 1995) is required for:

  • the construction of a driveway across a pavement or verge;
  • the removal or alteration of a window or bay facing the highway.

The Planning Department exercises particular control over replacement windows. Their detailing and proportions should be as close as possible to the original timber windows, they should be set back correctly in the reveal and should open in the traditional way. The Planning Department advise that this is often difficult to achieve in UPVC and the use of double-glazed timber units is usually considered more appropriate.

There is no fee for an application resulting from an Article 4 Direction.

In addition to controls over drives and windows, there are also tighter planning controls in a conservation area for:

  • alterations, additions and extensions to houses (this includes new dormer windows);
  • erection of separate buildings;
  • cladding the outside of buildings;
  • erection of gates, fences, and walls
  • demolition work;
  • new development;
  • tree pruning and felling;
  • erection of satellite dishes, if to be located on a chimney, on a roof or wall fronting a road or path, or on a building over 15 metres high.

Detailed information is available from the Council in leaflet and other forms; and on the website

For tree work: Urban Forestry Officers can give advice on works (tel: 612337) but applications for consent must be made in advance to Planning Services (address as above). Show the location of the tree(s) in question on a plan and give full details of the work you want to do and why you wish to do it.

Last updated: 28/03/06

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